TC6 Trial – German Police drives Virtual Reality solution

The second of the six TARGET Trials (TC6) was held today in Münster, Germany. Hosted by project partner Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, the complex scenario concerned a 90 vehicle pile up on a motorway near the German/Dutch border. Based on a real event five years ago, the Virtual Reality exercise was designed to evaluate the latest versions of the TARGET solutions with Police Tactical and Operational incident commanders. 


IMG_2709   IMG_2768      IMG_2682      IMG_2717

Realism and immersion is key to the success of a command post training exercise like this and TARGET delivered a shared virtual world for both the Tactical and Operational commanders through HTC Vive headsets. This meant that they could interact with each other and could issue and carry out specific incident-related tasks. To add even further to the realism of the scenario, a range of news and social media injects were fed into the three hour exercise, as well as simulated images from a Police helicopter. All this was controlled by DHPol staff using the TARGET Simulator, which delivered a fully automated exercise timeline with the various injects being fed at pre-set times. 

The main conclusions:

  • TARGET could be a good platform for staff training
  • Virtual Reality can help to get trainees more immersed in this kind of incident
  • Using the TARGET system meant that the exercise could be run effectively with a smaller exercise team than that which normally be required for this type of exercise 

Next stop…Barcelona! Friday 14th September. The TC4 Trial, hosted by the The Institute for Public Security of Catalonia (ISPC), will evaluate the Mixed Reality solutions in a tactical firearms exercise with the Guardia Civil and the Catalan Police.