TC1 Trial (CBRN) held in Bratislava

The final of the six V2 Trials was held in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic and evaluated the latest version of the TARGET Mixed Reality solution. This scenario or Training Content (TC) is designed to be used by police or fire officers, specialising in responding to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) incident. The focus of this Trial was a radiological source in a clandestine laboratory.Using a 3D-printed detector, developed specifically for the project, trainees had first to locate the radiological source, after which they had to conduct forensic work to identify what type of course they were dealing with. Mixed Reality is seen as a valuable additional tool to be used to support real-life training exercises. Of course in a training environment, you cannot use a real source of radiation, so a well-designed MR exercise allows the trainee to hone their skills, as the source can be altered to educate about the various risks and spread. In some ways, MR can actually provide challenges not possible with real-life training.

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