TARGET Public Workshop 17th & 18th October


The final Public Workshop in the TARGET project will be taking place in a few weeks on 17th and 18th October in Barcelona. Project partner ISPC will be kindly hosting this two-day meeting at the Catalan Ministry of the Interior, as well as at their own training premises just outside the city. With a fully-packed programme, attendees will hear the results of the V2 Trials, participate in full scale demonstrations of the TARGET solutions, updates on what has been achieved during the project. There will also be a presentation on the market analysis that has been carried out by independent consultants and what life after the project has to offer.

Microsoft Word - 20180919 Workshop Invite Design-Externals.docx

The V2 Trials have been held at each of the six end users’ premises during September with the final one being held on Thursday 27th September in Bratislava by the International Security and Emergency Management Institute of Slovakia. The technical partners will all be presenting their results at the Workshop, including partners:

  • Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology
  • Fraunhofer IVI
  • International Security Competence Centre
  • ATRISc

Day One will consist of a series of presentations in plenary sessions and what is certain to be an interesting panel discussion on options to develop the TARGET solutions further after the end of the project. For the second day, we will move to ISPC’s premises (which recently held the TC4 Trial) and all the delegates will get some hands-on action with the solutions. Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality headsets, TARGET CPX (the Command Post Exercise system) and the Assessment Engine form ATRISc.