Ministerio Del Interior – Guardia Civil


Madrid, Spain

The Guardia Civil is an armed institution of military nature, whose point of reference and origin is the Spanish people. GC’s ‘raison d’être’ is the protection of citizens, their property and assets, and its core mission consists in ensuring the full exercise of rights and freedoms.

As a law enforcement agency, and according to article 104.1 of the Spanish Constitution, the Guardia Civil has been tasked with the mission to “protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms by citizens, ensuring their public safety”.

The Guardia Civil is an institution which renders essential services to the community, in conformity with the guidelines provided by its basic behaviour principles. These guidelines constitute a real ethic code binding together all the Guardia Civil members.

The Guardia Civil is accountable to two ministries: the Ministry of the Interior (services derived from the execution of the Government policies as regards public safety, payments, positions and resources) and the Ministry of Defence (as regards promotion, personnel status and military missions, currently under definition in terms of collaboration).

Administrative Police functions; Protection of the Spanish economic interests; Public order; Assistance; Criminal investigation police; Intelligence services; etc. In order to carry out all these functions, Guardia Civil has 80,000 officers (over 3,000 of them are women), who are deployed all over the national territory and territorial waters. GC carries out 3.9 million services per year, that is, approximately 10,000 a day; that amounts to 32 million work hours and one million actions. Two million humanitarian activities (consisting in rescuing, aiding and assisting citizens) are conducted every year. Guardia Civil constant work results in the fact that it investigates nearly 300,000 crimes, over 274,000 minor offences and 380,000 infringements against public safety; it solves over 200,000 criminal offence cases every year, and arrests almost 100,000 alleged criminals.