ISPC, Barcelona hosts TC4 Trial

The third TARGET Trial was held in Barcelona and officers from the Catalan Police and the Guardia Civil took part in a firearms scenario using the Mixed Reality solutions developed during the project. The Institute for Public Security of Catalonia (ISPC), a partner in TARGET, hosted the Trial at their training facility near to Barcelona.


DSCN4447     IMG_3656    DSCN4455

Improved weapon tracking and a wider range of better-animated holographic characters were some of the key developments undertaken since the first Trials. There are still some field of views issues with the Microsoft HoloLens headsets, but the hardware technology is developing al the time and so this will hopefully continue to improve in the coming months and years. But the participants certainly felt that the TARGET system has the potential to offer some tangible benefits to training Security Critical Agents. These benefits include being able to train more officers in a shorter time period and the fact that they do not have to recruit other officers as role players for the training. As well as saving costs, of course it means the role playing officers are not taken away from their main jobs, which is an important factor in these times of austerity.