International Security Competence Centre


Baden, Austria

International Security Competence Centre G. m. b. H. (ISCC) is a security consulting company, representing an international network of security experts. Members of the ISCC Board of Directors and the international ISCC network of partners have decades of experience in security-related threat- and risk assessment, as well as in security technology and operational security. ISCC cooperates closely with members of the international security community (armed forces, police, special forces), eminent scientists and engineers from universities and private industry – many serve as associates of ISCC. ISCC services range from analysis of catastrophic terrorism to critical assessment of emergency preparedness in case of a major terror attack, laboratory- and field tests of weapon systems and explosives, as well as risk analysis for the national critical infrastructure (energy, transport, telecommunication, banks, food industry). ISCC applies special methodologies, such as: reality-based risk assessment, using international database-information; research on design and construction of improvised explosive devices (incl. VBIED and PBIED), 2D-, 3D- computer modelling, 3D modelling for EU Critical Infrastructure Library, and reality-augmented modelling using multiple sensor-equipped drones. Staff members have been involved as Coordinator, Work Package Leader or Consortium Member in several NATO- and EU security projects, e.g., AAS, BRIDGE, CASTand CATO.