Institut de Seguretat publica de Catalunya


Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain


The Institute for Public Security of Catalonia (ISPC) is the only public organization in the region of Catalonia responsible for training, selection and research related to all professionals working in the field of public security. It is an autonomous unit within the Department of Interior of the government of Catalonia. The Institute functions as a comprehensive education centre, responsible for the provision of training for all actors within the field of security and safety (including police officers, fire-fighters, civil protection, etc.). It is also responsible for research, consultancy and evaluation in all areas concerning security and safety. The Institute aims at a transversal approach to security, for integration of the different actors and professionals in a common area of training and research. The Institute’s most intensive activity is the training of regional and local police to the fullest competences providing basic training for cadets; promotion training and courses on each specialisation such as strategic analysis, criminal investigation, public order interventions and traffic control.

Within the Institute there are two Schools: the School for Police – that trains the Catalan Police Mossos d’Esquadra and all the Municipal police forces (ca. 30.000 police officers) – and the School for Fire-fighters and Civil Protection each School has a Research Unit. The ISPC delivers both vocational training and a Bachelor and Master’s program.