German Police University


Münster, Germany

The German Police University is a University addressing all senior police officers representing the Federation and the German Federal states. It provides the most important forum bringing together science and practice, and aimed at discussing matters of policing in Germany. The University stands for an open-minded, value-bound police, which is aware of its responsibilities in a democratic constitutional state, in the area of maintaining freedom, security and public order and safety. The German Police University integrates similarities and varieties of policing approaches in Germany, which are due to the federal structure of our country.

As an internal University, the German Police University has a monopoly position for the training of senior police officers in Germany, yet it competes with the quality standards of comparable professional institutions in other countries.

Pooling police-relevant approaches in order to establish police science as an independent academic field is one further major area of interest of the German Police University. It therefore shapes the academic discourse about police science in Germany.

In this context, the main research areas of the German Police University are on leadership and management, operational tactics, crime, road safety and law. Furthermore, it maintains the academic exchange with all relevant national research institutions and with the international scientific community. The University provides essential impacts on further improving police work in Germany and beyond German borders.