FHPolBB hosts TC2 Trial in Berlin

The University of Applied Sciences of the Brandenburg State Police (Fachhochschule der Polizei des Landes Brandenburg) in Germany was the host and participants in the TC2 Trial recently. A number of police officers from Berlin participated in this challenging crowd control scenario on the 29th September at the University.

The TARGET CPX system was used to drive the scenario and the Assessment Engine developed during the project was deployed to measure a number of important factors, including ‘who sees what’ during the exercise. This provides an important measurement of how well they are managing the incident and sharing information with colleagues to ensure a Common Operational Picture (COP). Why is this important? Well, a COP will ensure that police incident commanders are fully aware of the situation and are therefore able to make better-informed decisions.

In the exercise scenario a large crowd gathers outside the new Berlin airport and grows increasingly irritable and aggressive, eventually turning into a riot. Social media injects, provided by partner Inconnect, were used to stimulate the exercise and challenge the participants even more. The police commanders had to use their skills and training to manage and control the situation. Throughout all of the Trials, however, it is the TARGET solutions that have been on trial, not the participants. Their feedback is essential to developing the final V3 solutions over the coming weeks.

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