Estonian Academy of Security Sciences


Tallinn, Estonia


The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (Established in 1992) is a state institution, providing professional education for civil servants belonging in the area of government under the Estonian Ministry of the Interior The objective of the EASS is, through internal security related academic education, research and development activities, and also through the training of honest and competent public servants, to create a secure state and conditions for stable development across the state of Estonia and therewith contribute to the security of the entire European Union (EU). The Center for Innovative Applied Learning Technologies (CIALT) is a part of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Institute for Internal Security. CIALT was established as a result of the project “Safe and Secure”-innovation in law-enforcement education. EASS’ mission is to improve National Authorities` and Law Enforcement Agencies` readiness, capabilities and flexible co-operation in prevention and crisis-management of new challenges of acts of terrorism and trans-national crime via innovative and interactive training methodology.