ENSP hosts TC5 Trial near Lyon

The École Nationale Supérieure de la Police (ENSP), which is the French National Police College and is located near Lyon, hosted the TC5 Trial recently. At the centre of the scenario in this Training Content is an armed assailant in a car that two police officers have to deal with. The police trainees are wearing HoloLens headsets and the Mixed Reality solution developed in the project by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) means that as well as seeing the actual physical environment they are in, they can also see a variety of 3D animated hologram characters in their headsets. As well as the assailant, there are innocent bystanders that may become involved in the situation against their will. Depending on how the police officers actually manage the incident, the trainer can select how the assailant behaves (in other words, he can become more or less aggressive) – within certain pre-set limitations of course.

More than 300 two and three dimensional models have been developed by project partner, the International Security Competence Centre (ISCC) in Austria. These include people (first responders and civilians), as well as vehicles and buildings. An innovative Assessment Engine has also been developed by partner ATRISC in France. This is linked to the MR solution and allows the trainees to be assessed in several ways, including awareness during the incident, ie, who says what to whom, who see what etc.

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