École Normale Supérieure



Paris, France


The École normale supérieure (ENS) is an elite higher education institution for advanced undergraduate and graduate studies, and a prestigious French research center. It encompasses fifteen teaching and research departments, spanning the main humanities, sciences and disciplines: Department of Geography, Department of Classical Studies, Department of Art History and Theory, Department of Philosophy, Department of Literature and Languages, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Economics, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Geosciences, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Cognitive Studies. The ENS is at once a grande école, due to its selective recruitment process, and a research university developing iteraction and synergy between research topics.

Research policy at the École Normale Supérieure aims at reinforcing its major fields of excellence, developing innovative research at the crossroads of various disciplines, and fostering the fruitful interaction and synergy between research topics.