Cleveland Fire Brigade


Hartlepool, United Kingdom

The overriding purpose and aim of the Fire Authority is to protect lives and property from fire and other emergency incidents. Cleveland Fire Authority is a civic fire and rescue service and it provides emergency services to an area covering approximately 597 km2 and has a population of 562,019 in 237,184 dwellings

Cleveland is a densely populated area, with some inner city type problems. It is home to some of the most deprived housing communities in the United Kingdom (UK).

Cleveland, centered on the mouth of the River Tees, is still a major production centre for the chemical industry with 34 ‘top tier’ and 3 ‘lower tier’ COMAH sites (Highest hazard industrial complexes in the country); 12% of all national COMAH sites are in Cleveland. In addition Hartlepool has a nuclear power station, with two nuclear reactors, and a gas power station at Wilton, both producing electricity for the national grid. The Tees and Hartlepool port handles over 50 million tonnes of cargo a year, making it the largest UK port in tonnage.

The mix of the risks and their scale in the Cleveland area is unique. They are unique not just in their wide diversity ranging from highly deprived domestic to a high concentration of the biggest petrochemical sites in Europe but their proximity to each other. This presents the Fire Authority with exceptional challenges in the way that priorities are set and resources are managed and protected.

Our front line services are delivered across the four constituent Council areas through two operational Districts.

Core operational services are delivered through 15 front line Fire Stations, 9 of which are whole time crewed with 6 single pump Retained Stations.