3D headset

Augmented Reality future perspectives!

With Google Glass kicking off public interest in augmented reality (although it really isn’t AR) and Microsoft Hololens grabbing the headlines now it is clear that AR has made leaps and bounds in terms of technology, cost, ergonomics and availability. This is especially true when compared to what was available just three or four years ago. As a result it is clear that AR has the potential to be used in more domains than previously thought. In particular those which were previously off limits. With prices falling rapidly, for example the current soon to be upgraded Epson Moverio BT-200 is available for just €600, AR headsets are approaching the level of being consumer products.

TARGET stand at GPEC 2016!

GPEC 2016

Fraunhofer IVI, project partner responsible for the modelling and implementation of the decision support modules, as well as the development of the simulation engine and the overall architecture, attended the GPEC 2016: 9th International Exhibition and Conference for Police and Special Equipment in Leipzig, Germany on 7 – 9 June 2016. Many fruitful discussions with German police took place at this event and feedback to the TARGET project has been very positive. While there are many systems for the response phase, the developments in TARGET are very welcome as they cover the preparation phase for training purposes.


TARGET Executive Board and Advisory Board Meeting

The TARGET Executive Board will meet for the first time the TARGET Advisory Board members in Belvaux, Luxembourg on 3rd February 2016. The meeting will be hosted by TARGET partner LIST. Topics to be discussed include an introduction to TARGET technology solutions and demonstrations, a presentation of each training case scenario, expected impact, and interaction between TAB members and the project. Stay tuned for more following the meeting!


TARGET General Assembly #3

The TARGET GA took place in Rajecké Teplice, Slovakia on 10 – 12 May. Project partners reported on work progress after one year of the project launch and discussed upcoming activities and expected results at project mid-term. Day 1 of the General Assembly focused on status updates from each Work Package leader, day 2  focused on Specification Review Workshops for the V1 TARGET Training Scenarios, and day 3 focused on Dissemination activities, project management, and next steps.