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TC6 Trial – German Police drives Virtual Reality solution

The second of the six TARGET Trials (TC6) was held today in Münster, Germany. Hosted by project partner Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, the complex scenario concerned a 90 vehicle pile up on a motorway near the German/Dutch border. Based on a real event five years ago, the Virtual Reality exercise was designed to evaluate the latest versions of the TARGET solutions with Police Tactical and Operational incident commanders. 


Cleveland Fire Brigade hosts successful TC3 Trial

The first TARGET Trial, evaluating the V2 solutions took place yesterday and was considered an overwhelming success by those taking part. Hosted by project partner Cleveland Fire Brigade, 35 participants from 13 agencies participated in a 5.5 hour table top exercise, which focussed on the impact of a major regional power loss. 

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V2 Trials in final planning stages

A very important stage in the TARGET project is taking place this September. It is almost a year since the V1 Trials of the TARGET solutions and everyone is really looking to seeing the V2 developments put through their paces in the field. These upcoming Trials will be used to test, evaluate and showcase the V2 of the software and Training Contents developed during the project. The feedback we receive from the end users will take us to the final V3 of the solutions before the conclusion of the project at the end of October.

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We are pleased to announce that TARGET partners will be exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham, UK on 19-20 September 2018. Please come and visit us on Stand V20 near the Refreshments Area in the Collaboration Zone.

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Drone Hero Europe 2018 .. and the winner is…!

Drone Hero award for TARGET partner ISCC!

TARGET partner ISCC and their UAV-team, in cooperation with the companies AIRNAIL and GEORESEARCH, have developed a new swarm-based photogrammetry technique within the scope of the TARGET project. Earlier this month, this technique won the “Start up” category in the “DRONE HERO EUROPE 2018”! Congratulations to the ISCC team!

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Drone Modelling Article 1 in Crisis Response Journal

The first part of a two part article written by Fair Steinhäusler of TARGET partner ISCC about the innovative drone modelling used as part of the V1 Trials can be viewed here. The second part of the article focusses on the photogrammetry techniques used during the project so far.