Exercise Watermark Day One - EXCON in action HIMO_01 GARDSC2176 Training_ResourceManagement_Logistical_notext Exercise Watermark Day One - EXCON in action
Develop a Pan-European Platform for hybrid serious gaming

Including training case development tools, standard interfaces, effective integration for third party technologies and content, support for content and technology sharing, licensing and payment.

Develop a set of TARGET technology components

Consisting of virtual reality, competence assessment, decision support, non-linear simulation,…
New components as well as improved and adapted existing components will fit into the TARGET platform.

Develop six dedicated training scenarios

Responding to a broad range of current European training needs which will in turn trial and assess the TARGET Platform.

Develop best practices

Trialling and assessing both the training content and the training platform by way of dedicated sessions for single end-users, teams, and transnational collaboration.

Develop a dedicated European Ecosystem for serious game training of and between SCA

Favouring the joint development of serious gaming training content, transnational collaborative training and a market for serious gaming for SCA training.