TARGET will contribute to strengthening European SCA training by bootstrapping a dedicated European Ecosystem for serious game training for SCA, through:

Creating a much needed hub for the sharing of TC and serious games that can be quickly modelled to local specifications within the European Union. Contributing to EU member state security by supporting the fight against national and transnational crime and by building capacities of SCA. Creating new tools for joint training for police interventions with a variety of agencies (police officers, fire brigades, civil protection, nuclear regulatory bodies, public health authorities,..). Providing a much more realistic training environment via AR, including existing equipment and mixing virtual and real information in a flexible manner. Including a real-time performance measure of security response teams, a module intended to be pluggable to any simulation-training platform. Improving the field of pervasiveness within mixed reality by effectively using the real world environment and its objects, and by exploring fundamental human behaviour within mixed reality environments.